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[ Demand & Energy Information System General Information]

Welcome to DEIS which has been developed to respond to customer's electrical energy usage and demand data serviced by CenterPoint Energy, your Transmission & Distribution Service Provider (TDSP). As a TDSP the Public Utility Commission of Texas is requiring that we provide data not only to our customers, but also to Competitive Retailers (CRs).

DEIS provides the customer two options:

  1. Set up a DEIS Single Account Login Capability - - By entering the Esi Id and your meter number, you will be allowed access to one Esi Id for a login session. Also, you can provide access to your data to a Competitive Retailer.  This is a service provided free of charge.
  2. Set up a DEIS Multiple Locations Account - - If you are a large business, such as an industrial or commercial company, and you want to set up multiple accounts in your login configuration, the option to set up such an account, called a DEIS Major Account,  is also available.  A Major Account will provide you the capability to access energy usage information from several locations under one login session.

Note:  If you are Retail Electric Provider or Aggregator, you must work through your customer or potential new customer to gain access to a Major Account.

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